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How to Measure Your Penis.

It’s important to never miscalculate your penis size, either deliberately or from lack of knowledge when it comes to measuring it. The reason for this is 2 fold; if you’re always exaggerating your size you’ll reach your goals faster, but you won’t truly be the size you or the women out there want. It’s a bit like being dishonest in an exam; in the long run you’re only cheating yourself, even if at the time it makes you feel better.

On the flip side, if you don’t know how to measure your penis properly you could just as easily be underestimating your size. This would not only make it seem a lot longer before you reach your goals, but would probably dishearten you every time you measured. It could even make you feel so inadequate that you feel achieving your goals isn’t even possible, causing you to quit penis enlargement altogether.

So we’ve established the importance of measuring your penis size properly, now you’re wondering “What is the correct way?” Well there are two different aspects to measuring your penis; there’s the length and girth (circumference). Here’s how to measure both, properly and accurately.

How to Measure the Length of Your Penis.

First of all you need a certain type of ruler. Essentially the ruler can use either the metric system or imperial, but ones with both on are advisable. Also, it’s important to check the markings on the ruler, or more specifically where they begin.

If there’s a quarter inch gap or so between the top/bottom of the ruler and where the numbered markings begin, it’s not really of much use. You need to make sure the markings on your ruler start flush with the top or bottom. This way you’ll never miss out on that quarter of an inch the gap would usually take away.

The biggest mistake guys make when measuring their penis is either starting the measurement from the wrong point, or measuring too far beyond or not close enough to, the correct spot.

Place the starting point of your ruler at the very base of your penis. Don’t make the mistake of placing the ruler on either side; it must lie on top. Take the measurement from the point at which the very tip of your penis head finishes on the ruler.

It’s easier to measure when you pull your penis down slightly, so it’s parallel to the floor when you’re standing. This makes it more comfortable when it comes to laying the ruler on top of your erect penis.

How to Measure the Girth of Your Penis

To measure the girth or circumference of your penis you’ll need a piece of string, or fabric tape measure. The latter is preferred as the measuring takes place in one step, as opposed to the two carried out by the string method. This of course cuts down on the chance of error. I’ll describe both.

The String Method-

To measure the girth of your penis using string you’ll need the following,

A piece of light colored string, no longer than 8 inches.
A pen, to mark the string.
A ruler, to measure the section of the marked string.

First, wrap the piece of string around the widest point of your erect penis, typically this is the middle of the shaft.

Overlap the two ends of the string and mark the point at which they cross with the pen. Now remove the string and use the ruler to measure up to the point you marked. This figure, either in inches or centimeters (depending on your ruler), is the girth of your erect penis.

The Fabric Tape Measure Method-

Using a fabric tape measure (available from all haberdasheries) is much simpler. You need nothing more than the tape measure and your erect penis (of course).

Once again wrap the tape measure around the widest section of your penis. Overlap it and take a reading from the point it crosses over itself. Make sure, as with your ruler, that there isn’t any sort of gap at the start of your tape measure.

You’ll probably become aquatinted with the above measuring techniques pretty quickly, as you’re likely to be taking readings every few weeks or so to check your growth progress.

O.K, you now know what the average penis size is, along with how you measure up. The next thing to think about is how you compare with all the other guys out there. Sure, the average penis size is 6.0 Inches, but what do you, or more specifically women, class as ‘big’? And what size is considered very small? It’s these, and other questions we’ll look at next.

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