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What is the average penis size?

The average penis size is debated almost as much as the “Does size matter?” question. The answer to this though - the average penis size of the average guy in the street - is much simpler to solve.

One of the reasons the average penis size is surrounded by mystery, is the huge number of unreliable sources that state sizes that are either way above average, or well below. This can either make a guy feel hideously inadequate or falsely confident.

The truth is, the average length of a guy’s penis is approx. 6.0 inches. The average girth is 5.0. The reason the results of surveys are so variable is often due to the method in which they were conducted. Some size surveys relied wholly on the honesty of participants, allowing them to measure themselves and report back their sizes. This, clearly, is not a good indication of the TRUE average penis size.

Another source that can make a lot of guys feel smaller than they actually are, is porn. They see men with 8 or 9-inch penises and assume the majority of guys out there are the same. Of course, they’re not. The men in porn are there for a reason; they’re naturally well endowed.

But yeah, there are guys out there who are born with bigger penises than most, but you have to remember, the amount of guys with 6-inch penises easily out the number men with 10.

Now you know the average size, you’ll want to find out how you measure up. There’s a special way to measure your penis, to get an accurate idea of your true size. It’s these measuring techniques we’ll look at in a few moments, but first we need to ask the question, does penis size matter?

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